Laurasia Dinosaur Theme Park

  • Project location: Huangshi, Hubei province
  • Project area: 400,000 m²

Laurasia Dinosaur Theme Park in Huangshi, Hubei province is located around Daye lake ecological leisure zone, it is adjacent to Huangshi garden show park and ore show park, which owns good nature ecological resource. The project aims at making the fir...


Story of Journey to the West Theme Park

  • Project location: Huai’an, province
  • Project area: 400,000 m²

The culture industrial park takes the culture of Story of Journey to the West as storyline, integrated with industrial chain of tourism leisure, culture education, animation video, business trade entertainment, restaurant and hotel etc, making it a na...



  • Location: Haitang Bay, Sanya city
  • Building Area: 5000 m²

Atlantis owns 1314 seascape guest rooms, it is the biggest water theme park and the biggest outdoor water volume aquarium in the world, Atlantis also provides sea theme restaurant, and marine life exhibition, for the purpose to make a high end tourism...


The One Belt One Road Ride

  • Operating time:May,2019
  • Building Area: 3900㎡
  • Capacity:9600guests/day

“One Belt One Road” is short for “Silk Road Economic Zone” and “21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”. In the design of this project, the motion vehicle system with multiple degrees of freedom was adopted to simulate the drifting of the ocean a...


The Monkey King Legend of The Fight with White-Skeleton Demon

  • Operating time:May,2019
  • Building Area: 11000㎡
  • Capacity:8000guests/day

Based on the story of Monkey King’s fight with the White-skeleton Demon in Journey to the West, the flying experience is achieved through the coordination of real scenery and dome projection. Guests are able to have an immersive experience of a thri...


Legend of Peacock Princess

  • Operating time:May,2018
  • Show Area: 22,000㎡
  • Capacity:20000 guests/day

Based on a love story in the local classic movie Legend of Peacock Princess of Yunnan, the show is set in the real scenery of Dian Lake. Coupled with the dramatic storyline, this large-scale performance in a real landscape setting is delivered by an i...


Story of Journey to the West

  • Operating time:May,2016
  • Building Area: 5000㎡
  • Capacity: 1500 guests

Guests are led on a tour of scenes from the Journey to the West using the extrasensory flying experience vehicle system. The legend of Journey to the West is interpreted in a new way and disseminated through this attraction....


The Dream of Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden

  • Operating time:May,2015
  • Site Area: 400,000㎡
  • Audience Capacity:9800 guests

The show is set in the lake in the Spring Palace backlot; water in the center area of the lake, the Façades of the surrounding buildings and the mountains on the opposite side are all included in the space of the performance. The story is presented u...


Reed Maze Adventure

  • Operating time:May,2015
  • Building Area: 10000 mu (about 675 ha or 1665 acre)
  • Capacity:6000 guests/day

Based on the natural reed maze, the ride presents the story through modern scientific and technological techniques. By reproducing scenes of warfare during the struggle against Japan, guests feel their profound cultural heritage, and in other scenes t...