Dark Ride integrates multi-DOF motion vehicle, intelligent animatronics, 3D stereoscopic films with large screen, vertical elevating system and themed scenery decoration into one set. By riding a motion vehicle with multiple degrees of freedom, visitors will struggle to escape from the giant intelligent animatronics.
 Immersed in an environment constituted by real and virtual scenes, guests are able to experience feelings of falling from a height, blowing wind, bumping and impact, drifting through sharp turns, thereby experiencing fun and thrilling excitement.

Standard Parameters
Building Area:  3000-6000 m2
Internal Height: 8 m
Single Vehicle Capacity: 8 guests
Dispatch Interval: 30-45 seconds
Experience Duration: 6-10minutes
 Minimum Turning Radius: 3.5m
Overall Dimensions (mm) : 3500*2500*2600
Target Group: 12-55 years old (1.2-1.9 m)
Number of Vehicles: 10-20
Capacity: 5120-7680 guests/day (calculated by 8 hours/day)

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