Indoor Parkabout 68 to 675 ha or 165 to 1665 acres
The indoor park is a parent-child center which takes scientific and technological intelligence as well as immersive experiences as the technological core and integrates the businesses of facility entertainment, sports entertainment, leisure entertainment, parent-child interaction, theme creative restaurant and theme retailing. It can be applied to commercial complexes, tourist attractions and municipal parks. It taps a new vitality infused into traditional businesses and scenic spots, aiming to create a family and social entertainment one-stop shopping experience center drawing upon a short distance and high frequency audience.
Cross-sector integrative thinking of entertainment facilities, social groups, We-Media and other resources is introduced, with social entertainment as the main part and family consumption and parenting entertainment as its extension. Stylish feeling is conveyed through environmental treatment and entertainment programs, which satisfy the needs of entertainment and leisure activities over a 2-3 hour length of stay. 

 Operation revenue mode:
l   Revenue from each entertainment facility within the indoor park;
l   Rentals as well as revenue and profit sharing from theme restaurants and creative retails;
l   Advertising revenue from advertising space rentals;
l   Revenues from direct operations;
l   Revenues from capital financing values;
l   Revenues from naming rights, sponsorships and promotions.

 Early-stage: preliminary planning/culture creativity; conceptual planning/design of the plan /construction design Interim: construction; high technology equipment manufacturing;
Later period: operation maintenance, updating and upgrading.